We’re the same blood!

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We had nicely communicated in the UBA’s close family circle 🙂 — partners with the ‘in-houses’, and me — with all together. The first section, in which I performed, was devoted to «around-legal» issues and trends.

It was about the psychology of negotiations, and about the labor market (on average, 33 lawyers apply to one new job vacancy, but good candidates still cannot be found even with a lamp in broad daylight). I also talked about the ever-increasing expectations of the TOPs and owners from their in-house lawyers. I proposed two parallels — with a pyramid of services and career development in a law firm, which for me are more and more obvious, with all subsequent consequences in the development of in-house lawyers’ managerial and business skills. Well, partners cannot hang behind here!

Presentation here by link — UBA Corporate Counsels’ Forum, April 25, 2014.