Vitalizing critics. Part 4. “I Don’t Want! I Won’t Be!” (Concluding Notes With Presentation)

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The legends can be made about strategic planning and partners’ dislikes of that. It’s scary, it’s not clear, it is about predicting the future and even foreseeing your business in decades. Oh! Well, firstly, not all have so well developed space-time imagination, and secondly, to live here and now is much easier, and the partners have enough of solicitudes. Wherein, time and desire are always found to intervene with the operations. Finding errors and shortcomings in the work of others — it is easier, than to set long-term goals and take responsibility for their (goals) impact on business development.

“And you should not pursue social activities with such zeal, it is better to do it with a slight touch of fatality«.

That’s what was advised by a main character’s friend in the movie «The most charming and attractive». That’s how partners often view their managerial role and participation in managing business.

Indeed, without proper reflection in the system of partners’ remuneration — this is just a social work. Golden law of HR: «For what you pay is what you get, and the more you pay, the more you get» — it works with partners. And now ask yourself: «If we do not pay for that, then what do we expect at the exit?» – That’s right, nothing. Now remind yourself, that we talk about managing our favorite “child” – mildly speaking, no docking.

There is a goal and there is a clearly-written remuneration scheme for its achievement/failure – can be managed; and if there is not such a schemes, there is nobody and nothing to be asked. Social work – do as I can, when I have time, if I want to, and the dot.

Coming back to the Western experience, I’d like to note, that for a long time administrative purposes have been reflected in the partners’ individual annual plans; and the evaluation of the implementation prevail over the assessment budgetary targets’ achievement, when considered for the partner’s promotion up along the career ladder within the partnership.

PS: For the sake of historical justice – the presentation itself.