Vitalizing critics. Part 3. “I was not born yesterday…”

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Irrefutable partner’s talent, which frankly speaking, makes him to be a partner, is in the ability to lead a new business. Yet the in-born talents end at this point, alas. That would be fine, but, while achieving the grade «partnership», there occurs an opinion that I am the smartest, having been everywhere and seen everything. Oops …

Natural abilities – are good to have; flair and logic — are also not bad to have; but that has nothing in common with having special knowledge. As a result, there are a lot of intuitive, but few of professional decisions. Even while recruiting professional functional managers, partners risk in making decisions on key issues. It is well known: «Trust, but check», and how to check without special training?

In Western companies the shift from fee-earners into administrative positions has not been a rare phenomenon encouraged by the corporate culture for a long time already. And not only by culture, but also by budgets for special re-training for personnel. It turns out that a person has not left for the competitor, continues to work for the firm’s benefit, understanding the business. And knowledge – it will do!