Vitalizing critics. Part 2. “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

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Welcome to the conflict with younger generation, which London firms passed through about 200 years ago or so. On the one hand, partners try to grow a decent replacement, but, on the other hand, the substitution is rarely relevant to partners’ expectations. So, we face the situation, when a new partner is accepted to the partnership either forcedly – to fill in the gap after the previous partner, or as a compromise : we state with deep regrets, that the candidate does not reach up the grade (of me – the beloved), but we cannot let him go to a competitor either, and so long and so forth.

The understanding of that they do not raise up their clone, but a new team member, does not come at a glance; it comes after the intensive internal struggle with the personal and beloved Ego. The prize – a good team is developed, where each member brings in their own strengths. A team’s vulnerability reduces, and the productivity and success increase.

In my opinion, it is one of the urgent issues of the market tomorrow, but it is necessary to prepare for it now, so that later, after 200 years, to say: «We have passed over this stage of our development with dignity and without losses!»