Vitalizing critics. Part 1. «The eternal fight, moreover, internal — it is the most difficult»

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While reviewing and sorting archives «From the unpublished… «, I have come across the material written by Il’ya Nikiforov’s request, EPAM’s managing partner, after my presentation at the UBA’s Forum in 2011. The presentation itself had to be changed at the fly, after the moderator Timur Bondarev’s request «to criticize the partners” .

PS: By the way, with these notes my collaboration with the EPAM had started; and people had customized the image of “Nikitina-a critic” . Such a collective unconscious…

«The eternal fight, moreover, internal — it is the most difficult»
It is about the internal conflict of a partner, as the head/leader of practice, and as the owner of business, on the whole. As a rule, it is difficult to the owner to go beyond his business; and the particular practice’s interests take over that. This conflict can be clearly traced back to the budget process’ framework, when funds are allocated according to the principle “who is older” or “who earned more last year”, or anything else (any argument is good!), not the principle of investments’ priority. “Differentiation of pants’ by colors” (i.e., for example, ambitions of senior partners, managing partners) are often hinders for business development, its flexibility and rapid response to external market factor (-s).