Traveler’s Notes

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«What has been the most memorable of the trip to Kiev this time?” — I am asking myself. — «In June there was ONE sound deal/transaction at the Ukrainian market (UMH), and ALL self-respecting law firms took part in it.» 🙂 Of all partners, who I had met during 10 days, only two were silent about their participation in that significant event… I have got a crazy thought, that these two had made that deal. 🙂

From month to month this year, the partners’ thesis, that there is work at the market, and the lawyers’ workload is growing, but, mostly for junior and middle-level lawyers, becomes more   confident. Whether this tendency is reflected in the change of the current structure in the market leaders’ practices (reducing of the seniors and recruitment of the juniors), we would not see until January.

At the same time, the today’s situation «hits» on the effective average weighted grade of a firm, and can negatively affect the annual profit. So, it’s time to get the annual budget, to look at it with fresh eyes and think about the possible variants for development.