Test On Standard Thinking …

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I am writing comments on the «Internal communications» for the “Ukrainian Lawyer”. One of the suggested topics was “Team building». I‘ve caught myself on thinking that the first association with us (the Slavs) would be something like a retreat picnic with quest. The budgets of these activities could reach exorbitant digits (from the point of view of, for example, a junior lawyer or a company receptionist), when event offices would «palm off» the most «frilled» (and expensive) formats under the dressing of “strengthening team spirit” to partners.

To counterweight that, the mind has recollected a meeting with the Freshfields’ London Office’s Manager on training and development and her phrase: «The pivot for building our company’s corporate culture is the system of education, knowledge transmission and staff development».
Nothing more to say — practical!

And do not assume that I am, in principle, against retreats! Just, to my mind, their mission is a bit different, it’s what in the theory of systems is called «Homeostasis of a system»… More on this will be in the next issue of the “Ukrainian Lawyer”.