Social Networks: A Secret Weapon In The Competition Or A Blind Tribute To Fashion?

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We have decided to discuss a frequently-asked-debated-unevenly-accepted question of the use of social networks in business development in a close friendly-professional circle. We are — Irina Nikitina, an independent consultant, Anna Goloktionova, a consultant on organizational development, and Dmitry Panfilov, a professional psychologist. We asked Victoria Esaulenko, Marketing Director for the law firm «ASTERS», to set the tone for our discussion.

Just will sit, have a cup of tea-coffee, think about that, spin it up from all sides…
Join us now — listen, argue, share your experience! I’m sure you won’t leave empty-handed — a couple of practical solutions for yourself will observed for sure.

Time: September 19, from 18.00 to 20.00 (place to be confirmed additionally).
Here’s a link to the event on FB —