Motivation_1: I want to know everything!

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Motivation – is needed; motivation – is important; motivation – is hard! It requires time, efforts and resources … I want to share my vision of the whole complex, associated with motivation approaches, procedures and policies. So, here — in my opinion — there are 4 main components of success on the way to a systematic approach in your firm’s employee’s motivation:

  • System of remuneration and compensation — the standardized conditions of monetary and non-monetary compensation for your firm’s staff;
  • System of employees’ competencies evaluation and career planning – identification of differences between a staff member’s competencies, skills and abilities, and, relevantly, between standardized «sets» for particular career stages;
  • System of staff development and training – the system, helping  an employee to implement the planned development;
  • Motivation System — a set of motivational tools, supporting the staff’s interest to the firm’s development.

At the same time, it is also important to understand: what from this list is the subject to mandatory standardization, and what requires «tailoring» for each employee. I will devote a separate publication on that in the coming days.