«More for Less» to Be a Trend Further

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English “Legal Week” has finished its regular survey of internal layers, which involved 1400+ respondents. The goal of the survey was to identify clients preferences in buying legal services from external consultants and learn which changes the clients expect from them. Briefly, the major results look like as follows:

— fixed pay still prevails among other forms of pricing, preferred by 69% of the respondents (last year survey it was 47%);

— the readiness to pay success-fees in addition to the fixed pay grew up to 17% ( compared to 9% last year);

— the hourly fees are the second in the list in the preferred forms of pricing;

— internal layers still mention the increasing pressure (respectively, legal budgets) from the company’s management, thus the trend “to get more for less money” is consolidating

— to my opinion, the distribution of priorities in “value of external consultants” by internal company layers looks rather interesting and it goes like this:
1. The quality of service
2. The process of service delivery
3. Business – component of the decision
4. Partnership relations (!)
5. Pricing

Also, the client value the usage of informational technology and presence of outsourcing standard services (copy – cheap) services.

— As always, the most controversial issue is the choice between international giants and local leaders in each jurisdiction. At the end, the choice between “comfortable, understood, and predictable” form of cooperation vs “the best quality in this jurisdiction” does not mean the same.

Anyhow, the quality is the core, and development of internal quality standards and also building system of quality control has to be a dominant item in agenda for the partners of national legal firms. I believe there is nothing new in that, right?