Legal Services’ Market In Ukraine — It Is The Ocean

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Better late than never…

From Daria Lopashenko’s reportage at the Legal Success’ site about my speech at the UBA’s Forum in February: «Irina Nikitina, an independent consultant, previously worked as an executive director of the law firm «Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and Partners», noted that in most cases, professional development and adaptation of a new partner, regardless of whether he has been prepared directly in a company or has come from the outside, is not perceived as significant. Instead of helping, it is assumed that people will cope with everything by themselves. Rarely, the responsibility for his adaptation is assigned to someone, usually, to the managing partner, who is already very busy.
Meanwhile, each new partner needs a curator. In her speech, I. Nikitina had also raised the issue of burnout, forcing some very successful partners to leave legal business. From her point of view, the general recipe is simple: you have to be able to prolong the pleasure, any growth must be planned, not forced, and, the burnout can be dealt by the role change within the firm.”

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