Learn, Learn, And Learn…

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The beginning of each school year pushes me personally towards two actions: to learn something new myself, and to share my knowledge with the others.

Coincidentally, this year has been marked for me by the start up of several training programs and educational initiatives in Kiev and Moscow (there is also an online program for law firms’ partners coming).

To make the programs effective, I have tuned my watch with colleagues (partners and experts in the lawyers’ professional development locally and abroad), and have found out TOP-5 Soft Skills, the most demanded for partners’ development, advisers and senior lawyers. A full-fledged study did not apply, but the trends are observed.

1. Finances for non-financial managers;
2. Project management;
3. Effective communication (including active sales skills, negotiation and presentation);
4. Leadership (including team motivation);
5. Self-organization and personal effectiveness.

Also it should be noted that firms perform two approaches to the services’ procurement for L&D (learning&development):
1) they send a «runner» to the so -called open programs (participants from different companies and/or industries). Upon returning from training the delegate must adapt the knowledge to the firms’ needs and conduct an internal training;
2) they order the so-called corporate program. In this case, the training covers all interested members of the firm and, ideally, is adapted to the clients’ context.

Each of these approaches has obvious advantages and disadvantages, and may differ substantially in price (depending on the coach and/or training company, business school):

training in an open program gives you an opportunity “to process” the issue with colleagues from different companies and industries, that are more likely to contribute to the extension of options for solving business urgent problems, and such training may also be a good tool for networking;
corporate program – is not only adapted to the specific firm’s product, but also is a great element of team building.
Relevantly, the deliberate combination of these formats helps the partnership to address not only the problem of professional development, but also other tasks critical for business.