Law firms And Social Networks

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While preparing for something and actively “absorb” materials on “Legal business and social networks”.

Here are some of my findings:

  • in 2011-12 some of big (!) law firms opened position of a «social media manager»;
  • the UKs, who are rather chilled to FB as a tool for business development, considering that resource more a friends-families space, prefer LinkedIn. But the USAs are not squeamishing either FB, or Twitter (frankly — no clue on how they make business development there, but the surveys prove that Twitter has become resource#1 for referrals);
  • by surveys of American firms’ partners, 20% of new business coming through social networks (I can’t believe that Wachtell or Cravath bring their new business this way, but it assumingly works for middle and small firms, though I do not fully understand how);
  • Law Society of England and Wales issued a special manual on using social networks for lawyers in their work – this what understand as the role of professional community in regulating the profession and support to standards! Who is interested —