Just One Word!

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Working with a client on a presentation of a new system of motivation and rewards for lawyers: lots of slides, numbers, pictures, graphs, tables…. So, “chewing it up”, explaining, even, almost, pleading justifications…

All of a sudden, a simple and genius idea has hit the mind: this all is secondary! Other issues are primary. The major thing is to find a UNIQUE and KEY issue, which expresses the essence of the whole system in one or two words, which is mostly appreciated by a firm.

I have recollected my previously elaborated systems… Such a word or expression had been easily found for each of them: «entrepreneurial nerve», » responsibility», «thinking ahead», «emotional investment «, «exceeding expectations» …

All systems have a lot in common — targets, interests, required elements … But the content (!) is unique for each firm and is determined by the corporate culture. All the rest is just details describing each system’s technical aspects.

I have immediately wanted to reduce the number of slides in my presentation! 🙂