Eurointegration: fortune-telling on a coffee grounds…

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I was asked by  a magazine “Ukrainian Lawyer” : “What will the eurointegration of a Ukrainian legal market be about?”. You can read the full original in a September issue.  The short two-word summary is below.

The vector of eurointegration at the legal services market, to my opinion will show itself by “internationalization” of a wide number of national legal firms, i.e. through establishing regular business relations with European colleagues (not out of the whim, but in order to satisfy the needs of the clients).

One of my clients recently said: “Business cannot stand still – it either develops or it dies” A new business season, regardless of the high level of uncertainty and outside pressure, forces the  clients to exit the state of psychological anabiosis and search for the opportunities to run business in existing reality. Business is searching for and will be searching for new solutions and opportunities. The consultants have to take this search as a priority in their agenda.

A great saying :“If you are not a part of the solution – you are a part of a problem”, perfectly describes the current situation which challenges external and internal consultants to apply eurointegration processes for the client sake. Unfortunately, the greater part of the legal market players, who have been blown out by the recent changes only now start to reconsider the current situation in their own business.

Certainly, the bottom is yet to be reached — both client business and legal business expect it by spring 2015. Forecasting how deep will be the bottom is a vain task like fortune-telling on the coffee grounds…

The speed of coming out of the crisis depends on the market itself and its willingness to leave  habitual boundaries and run at the same pace with the clients or be ahead of them. The recipe is simple, and eternal – proactive approach + understanding the deeper needs of a client + international touch in everyday routine, and it has to become a privilege of the market leaders only!