Beauty Or Simplicity?

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That’s like lawyers, loving «nice decisions», and us (not lawyers), adoring them for those decisions. But, (and there’s always this «but»), there is a theme, where refinements are just harmful, – it’s a partnership formula. Even, if there are many partners and the partnership is complex and multi-layered (upper, middle, junior, former, future…).

The formula should be (a) simple, (b) transparent, and (c) clear to everybody. The formula should not dapple in abstruse scientific terms — it’s not the pure science, but rather the pure practice. For example, the essence of one of the last two formulae, which I helped the partnership to develop, fits on one page. The presentation of the other formula included 4 slides — one per each formula’s component.

Complex formulae/calculations/conditions /terms do not only scare partners, but also provoke unnecessary emotions and controversy. As a result, it creates, at least, a sense of opacity and carpet game at the «newcomers’», and, at best, — the discontent spills out onto the market in the form of information, that a partnership is not smooth, etc., etc. And what’s the sense in everything inside to be beautifully painted and named – it’s not the poker, misters — partners!

In general — K.I.S.S. (Keep it short and simple!). There is a slide with 5 precepts for those, who want to invent or change the formula.