About the Speed of Sound in the Legal Air

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As a respectful witch and renowned gossip girl, who is an independent consultant in spare time, I have a couple of words to say to you:

  • The Ukrainian market is not capable to quality feed the partnerships which consist of over 4-5 equity partners;
  • The games with share holding without economic component end sooner or later. The games end badly.
  • Knowingly the status of a “non-equity” partner was created.
  • There is a fast, simple and universal mathematic approach to check the sustainability of an existing partnership by economic indicator: the thickest pocket in the partnership can not be thicker than the most thin one more than 2.5 times.
  • Or else, it can be but it does not have any perspectives for the future …

It is possible to make references to the market, to the boom of investments and crisis, war or any other factors – they are just catalysers and ingibidors in decision making.

For those who would like to have a discussion about it, start reading from item 2.

Simultaneously, I measured the speed of news spread for the information graphed “top secret” at the market … And as my dead would say “at your chair, Iryna, the nock at the door spreads faster than sound!”

So there will be many versions – and each would have my own reflection. So reason and blame carefully!.. The main question is where are you, consolidation??? When are you to happen???