About The English Alphabet And Not Only :)

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I have the lasting impression that the English people’s favorite letter of the alphabet is ‘P’! And they love these ‘Ps’ to be a lot.

Here I got a great company of ‘4Ps’, which is the system backbone for a law firm (in my head there’s, at once, a song «three whales, three whales…» 🙂

  • Process Improvement (improvement/optimization of processes);
  • Productivity Gains (increasing productivity);
  • Pricing Strategies (pricing); and
  • Project Management (managing projects).

Whether, because of having three whales in our minds, or, because, there are numbers behind the project management, which lawyers do not like, BUT LPM (legal project management) for many partners is something alien, unclear and frightening … And in vain!!! These numbers are the money, your money!!!

Well, Oк… Me and Zhenya Bajdakov «conjure» over making lawyers to love numbers! And we are notable magicians , so … to be continued!