6 Steps Towards Successful Non Billable Time Management

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Due to the invitation of the Law Firm «Arzinger», I have got a chance today to conduct a session on managing partners’ administrative hours at the international network’s conference of the MACKRELL INTERNATIONAL (EMEA Regional Meeting, 27-29 September 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine).

The idea was born out of my article “Prime Time» in the «Ukrainian Lawyer» (in Ukrainian), which is already familiar to my readers, and which is translated into Russian by the web resource «Managing Law Firm». The fact, that non-billables can «eat up to» 50 % of partners’ work time, has moved me to the conclusion about, in the first place, the serious devaluation of partners’ efforts, energy and time, invested in the purely technical problems.
So, my today’s presentation was constructed by the amazingly simple and, at the same time, effective model, identifying points of depreciation and self-sabotage, and ways of combating them, i.e., about the change of the self-attitude and the attitude of others to the assignments. In my opinion, this approach has become a perfect supplement to the article and the basis for fruitful discussions among the participants.

Presentation «6 steps to successful non billable time management»,

transcript for presentation,

translation of mentioned article into English and

the view from a different angle on the same issue from LexisNexis (Non Billable Hour Survey).